Car Collision Causes

Reason for Car Collision, Auto Collision Causes, Causes for Auto Collisions

A car collision can be one of the scariest moments in someone’s life. You never really know how bad it is until everything is settled. Car collisions are very serious and are the most common Nationwide Auto Insurance claimsBelow we break down some of the most common car collision causes.

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Nationwide car collision causes - speeding


One of the most avoidable car collisions causes is speeding. Cars have a certain stopping distance based on their weight and speed. You never know when you’ll have to make an instant stop. You may not be able to stop as quickly if you’re speeding.

Sleepy Driver - Nationwide Auto Insurance

Drowsy Driving

Sleep is very important. When you haven’t gotten good sleep, focusing and staying awake may be difficult. Drowsy driving is something that’s commonly experienced by truck drivers, but casual drivers can experience it too if they work long hours or drive for long hours. Drowsy driving can cause people to fall asleep at the wheel and cause some devastating accidents.

Distracted Driver - Nationwide Auto Insurance

Distracted Driving

Many drivers on the road drive with distractions. These distractions can range from poorly behaved children to a woman trying to apply make up in traffic. Food can also cause a distraction. In today’s digital age, cell phone distractions have become one of the common car collision causes.

Driving in Extreme Weather - Nationwide Auto Insurance


Sometimes the weather can make for tough driving situations. Rain and snow can make the road slippery and can reduce visibility. Sand storms can also cause some visibility issues. Dense fog is also the cause of a lot of accidents.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is one of the major car collisions causes; especially fatal ones. Driving skills can be extremely impaired if someone’s blood alcohol is beyond the legal limit.

Nationwide Auto InsuranceCar collisions can occur in the blink of an eye. It’s almost impossible to prepare for one; there are only ways to prevent them by knowing the car collision causes. To keep you and your vehicle safe, be sure to obtain a Nationwide Auto Insurance policy. We can help you find affordable rates on Nationwide Auto Insurance for free! Contact us now and request a Nationwide Auto Insurance quote today!

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Car Collision Causes

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